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When Data Corresponds to Experience

When Data Corresponds to Experience
Common sense is, well, not as common as we may think, but gut feelings should get more credit than they do! I came across the article below while ‘flipping’ through my FlipBoard the other day and think its a great example of how data confirms what we know in our gut. And … any time a ‘research article’  incorpora [...]

Back To School

Back To School
Welcome Back Back-to-school … those famous 3 words that either instil a bit of instant dread or send a jolt of excitement though our veins! In our high school, startup was smooth for most of us. A few mixed up or missing timetables, classrooms lacking a few desks or chairs, lost students and teachers … even us adults new to a buil [...]

My Favourite Teacher

My Favourite Teacher
Supervising the crush. I was chatting with friends and one of them asked me, “Who’s the best teacher in your school?” Yikes! Why would anyone ask me that?! It’s strange, I hadn’t heard that one yet … and that’s almost 25 years in! In fairness, the context was best ‘whoever’ stuff. You know … best baseball player, best hockey playe [...]

The Importance of Conversation Tangib...

The Importance of Conversation Tangibles
I somehow managed to have several conversations today. Sounds simple enough, but very unusual for me. Conversations … with an ‘s’. Plural. Sitting down and having an impromptu conversation has long been a luxury that I don’t take for granted. When I say a conversation, I mean a conversation by definition. I have lots o [...]

iTunes U: Under Used at a Billion Dow...

iTunes U: Under Used at a Billion Downloads
1,000,000,000. Really? Yes, really! A billion of anything should be a jaw dropper, but a billion access / downloads related to education. Really? Yes, really! First shared by Devindra Hardawar What’s ‘next’ in our fast paced world … minutes later becomes ‘what’s now’ … like most technology-conn [...]

Pink Shirt Day – Doing Our Part...

Pink Shirt Day – Doing Our Part Together.
JL Crowe – Feb. 27, 2013 The 6th Annual Pink Shirt Day is here. It’s great to see our students and staff decked out in pink t-shirts and hearing our students on the radio and our announcements describing their actions and plans for the day … great stuff from the perspective of a principal! As educators we are well aware of t [...]

How to Foster Grit, Tenacity and Pers...

How to Foster Grit, Tenacity and Perseverance: An Educator’s Guide | MindShift
“How can we best prepare children and adolescents to thrive in the 21st century? This question is at the heart of what every educator attempts to do on a daily basis. Apart from imparting content of knowledge and facts, however, it’s becoming clear that the “noncognitive competencies” known as grit, perseverance, and tenacity are ju [...]

Why It’s Important to Make Things…

Why It’s Important to Make Things…
Is it human nature to connect to making ‘things’? Having a visible and physically tangible product of my learning has always been a very important part of my personal growth. I love to create. I also see this characteristic in many colleagues, teaching and support staff and of course … learners. In my iFun class our final project [...]

Blended Learning … Shaken vs St...

Blended Learning … Shaken vs Stirred.
Maintaining choice and opportunity are possible with the right approach to scheduling, staff and elective program availability. Many schools have made the decision to really ‘shake’ up their delivery mechanism in the context of Blended Learning models, but we have chosen to implement Blended Learning in different ways for differen [...]

Hey Kids … Time to Get ‘T...

Hey Kids … Time to Get ‘Tougher’!
Resiliency, grit, determination, perseverence … terms we are more likely to hear on a Monday Night Football or a Hockey Night in Canada broadcast. It is interesting that we are hearing them more and more often in the context of education. There is no doubt that these are characteristics that can make a difference and should be a part of [...]

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